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Who would have thought when my grandfather Frank

Facey commenced his business in 1917 that it would grow

and prosper over the subsequent 100 years, and three

generations, to become such an integral part of the South

Eastern region of Melbourne. I am still a partner at Facey

Industrial Commercial and have an ongoing affiliation with

the residential offices.

Frank commenced, then Angus developed their family

business, built on the foundation of strong values, honesty

and integrity, with fairness in all their dealings.They would

both be proud to see these qualities upheld by the current

business owners and operators.

PeterWatson, Ross Neilson and their other business

partners are the generation now at the helm,

servicing the City of Casey, Cardinia Shire and the

surrounding area.

I am confident my grandfather Frank, and father Angus,

would be as delighted as I am to see the business that

has grown, and continues to grow, from the humble shop

Frank first established a century ago.