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ANY business which can not only survive, but also thrive and prosper, over a 100

year period, surely deserves an accolade or two. So, it is with great pride that my

four partners and I recognise what has been achieved with this remarkable milestone

in the history of Frank Facey Real Estate.

The intention of this booklet is to record for posterity the individuals who played a

part in shaping our history, as well as the events which contributed to building a

company which from modest beginnings, has become the success story it is today.

It was a challenging task to locate information from the early years of Frank’s ownership,

however records from subsequent generations were easier to source and we hope the

result makes for interesting reading.

I was lucky enough to meet Angus who was the second generation of Facey to run the

business. Being an astute agent he invested in property, which is an example that his son

Andrew has followed. He handed over a well established business to Andrew who, in

turn, expanded into NarreWarren and later into Berwick.

Bill Hudson was an icon in the City of Berwick. His contribution to the prosperity

of the municipality should be acknowledged, so it was a great privilege when our

businesses merged in 1997.

Jack Cremin, who had such a broad Irish accent we sometimes felt we needed an

interpreter, was also a prominent member of the Pakenham community and, again, it

was a great privilege when our businesses merged in 2002.

Today’s partners mainly have their business origins from the local area and are involved

in a variety of activities in the Casey and Cardinia communities.

I hope you enjoy reading this publication as much as I enjoyed assisting in putting

it together.